Forward your Yahoo Mail account to Gmail

Forward your Yahoo Mail account to Gmail

Today, with Google’s free email service, Gmail and its unique features continue to evolve, reading our articles carefully, still using Yahoo Mail and wanting to change the service. email. When you receive your new address from Gmail, you can automatically forward all of your Yahoo mail to your Gmail account using the forwarding feature. You can configure Gmail to organize all your Yahoo mail and even send email from Gmail, such as sending email from your Yahoo address.

1. First login to your Yahoo account and click on Settings on the right hand side.

2. From the left menu, click Accounts and click the marked box.

3. Your Yahoo e-mail address.

4. Click Forward Allow me to forward your mail to other accounts. Choose what you want to do in your message after they are sent from the Store and Forward. Yahoo will keep your email on your Yahoo account after your email is redirected to another address. You can keep your e-mails as they are or choose to mark them as read.

5. Enter the e-mail address you want to forward the incoming message to in the Forwarding address section, and click Verify. This will send you a special verification email that you have entered.

6. Click the link to the email address you want to forward.

7. Click Continue and

8. Click Validate.

Now that you’ve established the connection between Yahoo and Gmail, you can now read your email through your gmail account and email it via your Yahoo email address.

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