Tab and Use Gmail

Tab and Use Gmail

Gesture and how to use Gmail, Gmail gestures, Gmail’s most widely used mail client. Thus, the advantages we have given us are quite high. In this article, we’d like to share with you all of Gmail’s features and all the tips on how to use Gmail. If you do not forget your Gmail account, you can easily sign up for Gmail from your Gmail signup form. Here is a full description of the Gmail tabs in the left menu in full use of Gmail and content;


With the inbox feature in Gmail, you can control all emails sent to you from the outside. From within, you can provide what you want stored, stored or easily accessed by placing an asterisk. With these features, Gmail is built for professional use and we can call that the most prominent mail platform in the world. You can also easily access individual tabs by creating new tabs based on the address of the incoming message. For example, you have created a Facebook tab and you have linked all the messages from to that tab. Now you can easily access thousands of e-mails located in your e-mail box from the Facebook tab.


Gmail is a tab with starred emails, the most important feature of Gmail, built to give you easy access to your mail that you’ve marked as starred in your inbox tab. Let’s say someone sent you an e-mail, but you need time to respond to an email so you can easily find it in the Gmail star tab after starring so it’s not hard to find among other messages for. until the end.

Sent mail

With Gmail, you can easily access messages you send through Gmail through the Sent Mail tab. With this feature, Gmail gives you an advantage to check that your mail is working.


When you write a message via Gmail, you suddenly receive a job or you feel that some of your files are missing. You will receive the Gmail drafts tab. Thanks to this tab, even if you have to close the message you prepared before sending it, there are drafts that you can come back to and review later on your drafts tab.


Some spam email addresses identified through Gmail have been identified. Gmail aims to maximize your security by protecting you from these spam messages. This prevents viruses in the mail from infecting your computer and prevents your inbox from being dumped by blocking ads that you do not care about.


With the Trash Can tab in Gmail, you can get back to your deleted Gmail on the platform. You will also lose all mail from the trash.

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