Why use Gmail?

Why use Gmail?

I think it is necessary to ask why Gmail, the most used mail service in the world, is popular. In this way, we use this mail service that is used by millions of people throughout the world in our writing. We will find the answer.

Since the date of publication, Google has always preferred simple, flat design. In addition, functionality and practicality have been accepted with ease. In the meantime, Google has also reflected on the simplicity of the services it covers. So much so that Gmail is currently the simplest and cleanest mailing service available. This is the most important factor in the success of Gmail. Because people do not like the mess, they want to find what they are looking for quickly and do their jobs with ease. Gmail can deliver this in the best way and certainly does not bother users with additional ads to the mail service. While Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail), which appears to be Gmail’s biggest competitor, has tried to put serious emphasis on functionality and sustainability in the past few years, it still seems have failed in this matter today.

Another highlight of Gmail is that the spam filter works very well. On this issue, the user sees an uncomfortable message at a very low level and experiences the maximum. The fact is that other Google services (Youtube, Google+, etc.) are gaining momentum today and the compactness of Gmail with these services is one of the factors that make popular mail service more popular. .

As a result, Gmail today is a leader in every aspect of the mail service and is getting better with dozens of professional engineers working behind it.

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